Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mothering fail...

The Cuddler had to do a u-turn when she left work this afternoon. Again. She forgot that she had to pick me up. Yep, she is my mother.

The great news is that she has never forgotten to drop me off in the morning. Because it is hotter than hell.

The Cuddler snapped this picture when were outside playing football with my favorite neighbors, Austin and Dylan. They come over and knock very sweetly on our door and ask if I can come out and play. Dylan starts football this year. Can you tell that Morning Guy is already itching for football season and for me to play peewee football in eight years?

Now, on to something that is "almost" as important as football. The Cuddler has a very precious friend, Katie. We are so excited that Katie, Ben and sweet Riley are preparing to welcome another child into their family through adoption. One of Katie's many talents is sewing, and she is going to parlay that into fundraising for the adoption. Now, the Cuddler has a soft spot for little boys in her heart, but the retail appeal of all things little girl at Cassady Street is killing her. One of you ladies could really help me out by getting knocked up with a girl! There are cute little boy things too, but who can resist those sweet dresses? So, if you want to buy something super cute for a good cause, then click on over to Cassady Street!

Much Love, The Plum

P.S. we are prepping for Halloween. See the header photo.

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