Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Friends

I have had such a busy week. On Monday night, we ate with the Nelsons. I’ll be glad when Baby Nelson gets here so I will have someone to talk to during these weekly dinners.

Tuesday night, we went over to Rayville, Louisiana to visit Addie Lee and Kimber. It was great. Can you believe how tiny he is? I know that I was never that small even though the Cuddler says he weighs more than I did when I was born. Look how big I am next to him!!

Unlike my parents, his parents already knew about nourishment from the Walmart so he is happy and gaining weight. In defense of my parents, I guess this is all new to them, and the Morrises have already practiced on Addie Lee so they know what to do with Kimber. Addie Lee loved and kissed on me while we were there. She is my favorite gal pal.

I got to see Addie Lee’s dog, Jake. He looks just like Nonnie’s dog, Shamrock. Jake has a pedigree and knows lots of tricks. I asked Izzy and Addie if they had a pedigree and they said they did not know. So I asked them where they came from. Apparently, the Cuddler just picked them up from the side of the road one Sunday. Seriously lady? They said she even trapped Ella in the same area. Ella went to live with my Nonnie and Pappaw on Dog Road (it’s a good name for their road because they have five dogs!!!) because she kept breaking out of the fence here. It was making Morning Guy angry and the Cuddler couldn’t handle it. Do you think I could go live with them if I learned how to break out of our fence?

Here is what they looked like when she got them…

Here is Izzy, Ella, and Addy now...

I’m guessing that they do not in fact have a pedigree, but they do know a few tricks. Ella does not know any tricks. This got me to thinking about where all of these cats came from so I started asking around. Lola was at the humane society—two weeks past her “final” date, Sassy was born at the scrap yard, and GmGm lived under someone’s trailer before she came here.

This all has me wondering where I came from. Did they pick me up on the side of the road or did they catch me in a trap? I don’t know what a “scrap yard” is but I don’t think that I have ever been there or under a trailer. I’m pretty sure that I have never had a “final” date.

The most encouraging part of this is that if the Cuddler and Morning Guy can keep those two pitiful looking puppies alive, I might have a chance.

The Cuddler says that I am heaven sent so maybe that is where I came from.

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