Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Can you hear me now?

As I have mentioned, the Cuddler took me to Dr. W for my vaccinations last week. My height and weight were at the 50th percentile but my head was at the 75th to 90th percentile. My head is enormous. That is why my Thanksgiving hat was so small on me.

While we were at Dr. Ws, she asked how I was sleeping. The Cuddler said that I will go to sleep around 10 and sleep about 4 hours then I have another bottle and sleep until 5 or 6 but not without a fight. She said that I don't want to go back to sleep after I take my bottle. See, what I like to do is lay in my bed for 10 or 15 minutes after the Cuddler gets into bed and starts to drift off to sleep and then I SCREAM for her!!! Doesn't this sound like the most fun??? It can go on for hours. What happens is...she will come in there the second that she hears me and say something soft and sweet and give me back my paci and I will be real still, then she leaves, gets into bed, starts to drift off to sleep, then I startle her and we repeat the game. This little routine gives her a false sense of security that I'm asleep, thereby allowing her to go to sleep, then I stike again!

Well, Dr. W was unimpressed by this little dance. She asked why the Cuddler keeps coming into my room. The Cuddler explained that she only comes back when I cry. They both agreed that there was nothing actually wrong with me during this time, and Dr. W said the Cuddler should let me cry. Can you believe it?

Well, the Cuddler didn't give into this nonsense until Friday night when we were one hour and 4 rounds into the game. I was winning at this point but she decided she did not want to play anymore. Since we had already played for so long, I gave in after two minutes and went back to sleep. The next night she didn't want to play but I was feeling rested so I didn't give in so easy and after a few minutes she gave in. I could hear Addison growling and barking from the kitchen telling the Cuddler to check on me because she was worried about me. Last night was same song different verse. We made so much noise that Morning Guy just went ahead and got up for the day at 4:30. I think part of this is his fault though. I keep hearing him say that I am fine and she should let me cry. I know if I can get him out of the picture that I could break the Cuddler. She is weak.

Dr. W said I could start yellow veggies to help me sleep through the night but of course, they have not given me any yet. Another example of them withholding food from me.

Here is my picture from my first day of daycare. I'm wearing a pimping Winnie the Pooh outfit that Miss Robin gave me. It was like catnip for the ladies.


  1. Well, I must say my mean mama and daddy do this crying thing to me...still. This has been going on for more than a year I must say. But, I finally gave in to them (although not always at naptime). I do have to say that this got me a tv put in my room. Now they don't turn it on all the time but I do get to have it on during what they think is my naptime. I'm pretty good at fooling them. So my advice is to try to get a toy or something out of the game...it does not seem like they are going to give you those yellow veggies! Don't worry, I will coach you through this. Love, Addie Lee

  2. Aunt Patsi says you are really keeping the Cuddler and Morning Guy on their toes! And doing a good job of it, too. Sleep...hummmm. They won't get any for the next few years anyhow!
    Aunt Patsi

  3. Oh my goodness! Sounds SOOOO familiar! Don't worry, Cuddler... Julie was the weak one, too! I hated the fact of "crying it out" and I just couldn't do it! I promise things will get better. I know people tell you that and you are like, yeah, but I'm ready for it to be better NOW! But seriously, it will just happen one day! I am thinking of you guys! Hang in there! My dad told me when Grady was born and I was complaining about the lack of sleep...that the last good night of sleep that he remembered having was before I was born! ha! Welcome to parenthood! :)