Saturday, July 9, 2011

where fun goes to die

I take fun to the lake to kill it. The Cuddler and Morning Guy have been going to the lake with our friends, The Nelsons, for four years. Every year they rent the same house and just enjoy each others' company and relax. They have been really looking forward to again this year. Well, I wasn't feeling it.

We loaded up Friday and headed to the lake. They thought I would like the lake because I like the pool so much. Well, I don't know what gave them that crack head idea. I hated it. It is murky, choppy, filled with fish, and you have to wear a life vest. Who the hell wants to do that?

As if that was disheartening enough for them, I decided to jack with them last night. I went to sleep around 8, but about 9, I woke up and started crying. The Cuddler tried and tried to get me back to sleep and lay me back down in the pack and play. I was having none of it. Then Morning Guy tried. Then they decided to go to sleep and put me in bed with them since we were sharing a room. At 11:00, the Cuddler took me outside since we were still not asleep. At 11:30, Morning Guy decided to screw our friends and let me cry it out. So I stood up in bed screaming MAMA, MAMA, MAMA! While smacking the Cuddler since my pack and play was so close to their bed. That was a fail. At this point, Morning Guy claimed that I was killing him and we should just get in the car and come home.

Sometime after 2:00 AM we all fell asleep. I was up before 7. We decided to come home early.

I take fun to the lake to die a slow, miserable, sleep deprived death.

Love, an exhausted Plum and his parents

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