Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What a mother.

This is going to be a Cuddler entry. If you aren't interested, come back later this week. I'm sure the Plum will have something to say.

Sometimes in life you see a mother that is so outstanding that you take notice. You want to emulate her behavior. A mother who gives everything to her children. I'm not talking about mothers that are too afraid of their own children to tell them no so they give until they have nothing more to give anyone else and nothing for themselves. I'm talking about a mother that in the face of inevitable death, cannot rest, cannot accept her fate because she must give all of herself to her children.

I went to a visitation for such a mother tonight. I only knew her through Ashley. She would have had no idea who I am. Ashley's cousin, Stacey, fought colon cancer for one long year. It was, by all accounts, a bitter and hellish fight until the very end. She wanted to continue treatments when they were no longer advisable.

In a time when so many mothers are failing their children, I cannot get this exceptional mother out of my mind or off my heart.

She was only thirty-six. She leaves behind two young sons. Even during her treatments, she never missed an opportunity to be with them. On Sunday, she was at her son's baseball game and on Monday she went to heaven (as my mother says, "Praise be to Jesus" she is made whole without any pain). What a mother. Even when she had so little to give, she gave it all to her sons.

What a legacy of strength and courage to leave your children. Please say a prayer for Trey and Cody.

heavy hearted Alissa

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