Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, Morning Guy is sick again. The Cuddler in her infinite grace slipped on the wet sidewalk at daycare and fell on her foot and this is what it looked like when it was all cleaned up. At least she has a great pedicure.

Here is what it looked like when she finally made it to her office before she cleaned it up.

The Cuddler is not a giddy person, but she is not a pessimist either. She is realist that tries hard to find God's hand in and be grateful for all things. However, the last two and a half weeks are starting to wear her down. My mamaw has broken her hip, had surgery and is in rehab. HUGE downer for the Cuddler.

The Cuddler went back to my Mamaw's house and neighborhood this weekend and it made her cry. I mean what did she think was going to happen? The trees in the park were miraculously going to stand tall and Mamaw's house was going to flip back over? Did she think that she might recognize the neighborhood if she went back once the trees were cleared? Well, she was wrong if that is what she thought.

Then there has been the croup, the emergency room, the stomach virus, mine and Morning Guy's double take on the stomach virus and one more dose of vomiting from Morning Guy. After her fall this morning, she was defeated. Luckily, no one saw her fall so she was able to crawl to her car with a little dignity left.

She confided in her dear friend, Ginny. The Cuddler has come to value Ginny's friendship for many reasons over the last year and half, not the least of which is her frankness and sense of humor. Ginny shared some of her mother's advice: "Not being happy is not an option." Ginny's mom ingrained this in Ginny as a reminder that, for the most part, she had control over her emotional state as well as her circumstances so she needed to choose "happy".

But as Ginny pointed out there is nothing "happy" about a long string of illness and bad luck and there is nothing the Cuddler can do to control it. So, Ginny went with plan B. "At least you didn't marry a Baptist - then you wouldn't even be able to drink when things got crappy!"

Ah, friends. Even better, friends with alcohol.

Love a Plum who loves his Papaw:

and his dog:

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