Friday, May 13, 2011

Expectation management

Expectation management is important. That is why I have chosen to clearly lay out what "Sugar Plum" is and what it is not. I do not want you to be disappointed when you come here. If you are, then you should stop coming. I mean, I don't get paid for this so there will be no hard feelings.

I have heard a lot lately about blogs putting on airs and not "being real." Allow me to clearly delineate the purpose of SP. SP is for fun. SP is not about me whining about my job [weight, housework, decrepit dog, bad self-tan or stickers in my grass], putting down my husband or airing any of my other dirty laundry in public. I only confide in God, JR, my mama, and my closest girlfriends. If you want to know the nitty-gritty dirty details of my life, edge one of those on the above mentioned list out. Good luck, God, husband and mama are not going to give up easily.

I will, however, tell self-depreciating stories about my tribulations and failures as a mother, and I hope they are taken in the respectful [to the Plum] and grateful [to God] way that they are intended.

Love, the Cuddler

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