Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the news this week...

Bad news, I have croup and had to go the emergency room Sunday night.
Good news, I got an epinephrine breathing treatment and decahedron shot to help open my airway and I am feeling much better.

Bad news, the Cuddler got the stomach virus Monday night.
Good news, she slept 13 hours Tuesday night and is feeling better.

Bad news, my Mamaw fell and broke her hip last week.
Good news, we finally caught her cat, Willie, who has been living in the air conditioning unit since the tornado hit their house April 15.

Bad news, the Cuddler snapped her left index finger in a mouse trap, twice. It is black now.
Worst news, we have mice!

Bad news, I fell in the parking lot of the hospital and am banged up.
Good news, I have been telling everyone that Morning Guy pushed me down, and I get lots of sympathy.

BEST NEWS: Kirill is going home with his family!!! Is there any sweeter news than that of a child who is united with his family?

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