Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

How did you spend Veteran's Day? Did you remember all of those men and women and their families who have given so much of themselves so we can live free? I did. The Cuddler and I talked about my PapPaw John who served in Cuba assembling bombs as part of the Navy during World War II and my grandfather, James Richard Armstrong, who was an Army mechanic. I never got to know either of them, but I will know that they were willing to make sacrifices for our country. My Aunt Lorrie is in the Army reserves and Uncle Patrick was in the Air Force. We are thankful for them and so many other brave service men and women.

So, the Cuddler had the day off. She and I took a trip to Kroger. I love Kroger. We got lots of goodies for the weekend. We are having a play date with my buddy Nic Lee. Here I am enjoying the ride.

My PawPaw says that he is going to take me to Save-a-Lot soon. He loves a trip to the grocery as much as I do.

Lots of Love, a thankful little Plum

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