Friday, March 19, 2010

every boy needs a dog...

and mine is named Addison.

Izzy and Addison.

Izzy is the Cuddler's dog. The Cuddler loves her so much. Izzy never leaves her side, but she doesn't even seem to notice that I am here. Unlike, Addison.

Addison between me and the Cuddler. Ignore the Cuddler's horrible outfit.

Addison standing guard to my left.

Addison giving me a little more space but still guarding.

You think the offspring of an engineer/attorney and accountant is the poster child for getting beat up at school. Well, you just meet me in my front yard and you better bring it. Because it will be you verses the two of us.

Addison sits in one of two places at all times 1) by our window in the kitchen so she can keep a constant watch on things and alert the Cuddler to the slightest threat or 2) at our front door where she physically blocks the door.

Izzy on the other hand is strictly the Cuddlers and sleeps by the hallway so she is as close as possible to the Cuddler.

Much Love, One very well protected Plum

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