Sunday, March 21, 2010

ACKKK! Help!

The Cuddler is trying to suck my brains out!!! I have a cold and she keeps sticking a device up my nose and trying to suck my brains out. She claims that she is trying to get out mucus, but I don't believe her. I mean mucus comes out my nose on its own. I tried to bring her down by giving her my cold. It has slowed her down but not stopped her. I hear she is leaving for a while and leaving me with Morning Guy. I don't think that Morning Guy will try to suck my brains out, becuase he gags a little every time she does it. I pray she leaves soon.

Much love, a sickly (hopefully not brainless) Plum


  1. It's a wonder Grady has any brains left! He gets his sucked out daily! :) Hang in there!