Friday, August 23, 2013


Sam is a dirty little pincher.  Always has been.  He pinches you when he thinks no one else is looking.  Then, he laughs.

He really loves to do this to John Hinton.  When I tell him "NO! No pinching!!!" He just laughs and laughs.  It's maddening.  John Hinton seems incapable of retaliating even though I've given him permission.  He is lover, not a fighter.

So tonight, through the laughing and scremaing, I reached into the bathtub, and I pinched the dirty little pincher back in what little arm fat he has and told him "NO PINCH!!!"

I am a genius and logic is infallible.

At least now he will have something to tell his therapist about when he is older.

By the way, he stopped laughing and started crying.

Forget the adoption goal of connecting while correcting.  We are going savage.

Here is his cuteness.  I swear we really do love each other.

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