Friday, January 18, 2013

The Latest

We are over jet lag and just got back from a two day trip to UAB to meet with specialist and surgeons for Sam.  Both days were over four hours with no lunch or nap.  We were only suppose to be there one day but the International Clinic was able to get us in to see the doctors at the Cleft Clinic the following day. We got lots of great information and will be moving forward with some of Sam's surgeries soon. We found out that he isn't hearing very well, likely due to years worth of untreated ear infections. Hopefully, that will all be resolved with tubes during his first surgery. We don't expect him to be able to verbalize much until he can hear us. Since we stayed an unexpected day, we were able to visit Jessica! That led to this cuteness. Jessica bought Sam some adorable clothes and James had the same outfit.

Lest you think that my days are filled with only cuteness, I started my day off today spooning through Sam's poo with a small shovel so we can send it off to see if he has parasites. There is no reason to think that he does. It is just standard for kids adopted from overseas. The bad news is that I have let John Hinton and Sam bathe together and Sam pooed in the tub. It will now add insult to John Hinton's injury if he gets the parasites. It's all very glamorous. 

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