Sunday, June 3, 2012

Well, hello there.

It has been a while.  A month.  Things have been busy here.  And frankly, I've been too exhausted to blog and don't feel witty or entertaining or informational.

Traveling. Sick baby. Traveling. More sick baby and allergy testing.  Our air conditioner died. Like cannot be saved. It was a HOT 5 days.  After an "investment", we are cool.  Plum got sicker. Finally, Plum has been fever free for 24 hours!!! 
I think it was the trip to the casino buffet with his great grandmother that finally pulled him out of the five days of virus and fever.  He still has pneumonia, but we will continue treatment and go back for a recheck.

We are anxiously waiting for progress from immigration on our adoption paperwork. We expect to go get Sam in December or January.

We wait.

I shop and monogram everything with his name as any good southern mama to be does (pictures another day).

His family prays for him.

We cannot wait for him to be able to express himself.

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  1. Poor sweet boy. Praying he feels better soon. Prayers for Sam too!