Sunday, June 17, 2012


Fathers Day.

Birthday to Plum.

Mothers Day.

John Hinton was a little confused about what we were celebrating today.  He did eventually manage to tell my daddy happy fathers day.  He continued to insist the cake that I made was his birthday cake. 

We are short on pictures of JR and my daddy. I'm even missing lots of old pictures since my computer died a few months ago.  I did get his one of Plum holding a croker that his PawPaw caught this weekend. 

Poor John Hinton got to my parents house on Saturday and asked where his PawPaw and when he found out that he had gone fishing he had a meltdown that PawPaw had left without him. I don't think he will be making the south Louisiana trips anytime soon, but I know his PawPaw cannot wait to take him. We love you so very much, PawPaw! 

I did find this one.  It is an old one, but one of my favorites.

The two loves of my life.  Happy Father's Day!!

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