Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top ten ways you know you a mother of a toddler...

10. There is an elf on your shelf and you are the only one that cares.

9. Someone ate most of the decorations for your gingerbread house.

8. You hid said house in your microwave so someone would stop eating it.

7. You are helping Santa out by hiding big gifts in your office.

6. There are at least three match box cars in the console of your car.

5. You bought all new ornaments for your tree. Shatterproof ornaments.

4. You say things like "baby Jesus needs his mama. Please put him back in the nativity."

3. There is a cozy coupe in your bathroom.

2. There are half a dozen Nerf whistle missiles in the bottom of your purse.

1. There is a Percy in your Tom.

For those of you who do not know, Percy is Thomas's best friend. Thomas is Thomas the tank engine of Thomas and Friends. They are trains, people.

Love, the mother of a toddler

1 comment:

  1. Too funny! And so true! And Percy is our favorite! Yes, my girl loves trains and dirt and a few Princesses. She's me made over...