Saturday, October 1, 2011

nothing says PAR-TAY like a museum

Well Plum, we went to the Children's Museum today for your birthday and had a great time with your little friends. Here is a picture of all of the boys:

Carter, Plum, Nic, and Jacob.

Morgan and Riley were inside acting like little ladies while you boys were working off some energy waiting on our pizza at Sal and Mookies.

Here are your stats from your two year well baby visit: you are 29 pounds, 33 inches tall and your head is 50 cm. This makes you a little short, stocky and really big headed compared to your two year old boy counterparts. That is just the way that we expected you to be. Your mama loves every inch of you.

You have made these last two years, two of the happiest of my life.

Love, the Cuddler

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  1. Happy Birthday, Plum! I can' believe it's been two years! Don't feel bad about your head being bigger than others. Jane Gray has a big head too...I think it's because y'all are just smarter than most other babies!