Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Plum

To my dearest Plum,

We have been doing breathing treatments at least once a day for over a year now. I look forward to and pray for the day when you no longer need these treatments. It is not something that I enjoy doing, but they do afford me moments that I would not otherwise share with you.

You really don't like doing them for me. At daycare, Mrs. Aly says you handle them like a champ. I bring out the worst in you when we do home treatments.

So, I do the treatments after you have gone to sleep. I slip into you room once Morning Guy is in bed and you are sound asleep. I lift you out of your crib and cuddle you close to me. I sit in your recliner with you scooped into my arms. I breath in your sweet curls and feel your warm breath on my cheek. Your heavy head rests soundly on my chest. I swear in these moments it is like you are speaking to my soul. My life is complete. I am content.

You are my love.

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