Wednesday, June 22, 2011

fathers and fishing

We have been missing in action lately. The Cuddler worked Vacation Bible School last week, and I do mean worked. There was no time to blog with her doing her Jesus work. So, in exciting news, the Cuddler's foot is starting to heal. In bad news, on Father's day, I fell down on the concrete at Non and PawPaw's while I was pushing my dump truck and this is how I look.

We got Morning Guy these ridiculous shoes for Father's Day.

He is LOVIN them! Happy Father's Day to Morning Guy. We love you!

We cannot celebrate Father's Day without thanking and loving my PawPaw. He may have loved the Cuddler first, but I think he loves me more. Just don't tell the Cuddler.

The Cuddler went to spend the night with my Mamaw a week or so a go, and they were looking through some of the pictures and keepsakes that were salvaged from her house. One of the treasures that Mamaw shared with the Cuddler was this precious newspaper article from about 1961.

Please notice that lots of the kids got "feel good" awards. My PawPaw did not get a feel good award. He got the real award. The most fish. We do not celebrate feel good awards around. We celebrate actual accomplishments. Yay 10 year old PawPaw!

Love, a lucky Plum

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