Sunday, April 10, 2011

These are the days when memories are made...

We spent the weekend with our friends Anni and Julian.

Julian and I rode his tractor.

How stinking cute is Anni?

She and I watched a little Sesame Street.

Julian played a clown.

After a great weekend in Starkville, we made a trip to Dog Road. My PawPaw and I enjoyed some popcorn and chocolate.

My Nonnie did not think that PawPaw should let me eat popcorn so she kept killing our fun. And the quote of day from my PawPaw: "Damn Beckey, It's a miracle I kept Chris alive for two years before I met you and I was a lot dumber then than I am now."

From the Cuddler: If I could bottle today up and breathe it in, I would. We enjoyed crawfish and fried fish. My mom and Kelsey gave John Hinton rides on the golf cart. My brother and JR took Plum to splash in the lake. We ate ice cream on the deck. Today was the kind of day that my Papaw lived for and the kind that would allow me to die happy.

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