Saturday, January 22, 2011

Something to say

Ok, I think I've mentioned the Cuddler's obsession with orphans and adoptions. If you have an adoption blog, chances are that she is stalking you every step of your long and arduous journey.

After I was born, the Cuddler's heart ached at the thought of any child going through life without a loving parent. Someone to dote on them, caress their cheek, smell their hair, whisper sweet loving words to them in the middle of the night, you know, all the things she does to me. She hears God telling her to help these children. She thought she might be schizophrenic, but she and Mrs. Katie from As You Like It... have decided that while she may not be sane that she is not schizophrenic.

Back to my point, helping those in need with the most basic of needs. Diapers. Cloth diapers specifically. Can you believe that some babies do not have the bare necessities?

I can't. My participation in "Covered in Hope" may seem insignificant, but maybe it will help just one baby. We had some cloth diapers because of my sensitive skin, but there were a few brands that just didn't suite the Cuddler's taste. If you have any laying around, give it some thought!

Love, the Plum

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  1. Say it girl. Diapers on the way. And you are so much saner than you'll ever know. Hug jh for us.