Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I say a little prayer for you...

Ok, Aretha Franklin she is not but the Cuddler is always singing this song. Actually she is singing it in the style of the gay best friend from my Best Friend's Wedding. You know the scene. It's a classic. All of this is really beside the point.

The point of this post is prayer. See, I have a buddy, Mary Elizabeth. She and I share the fabulously big head but her's had to be reshaped a little bit surgically. She is having multiple complications after her surgery and I would be so greatful and humbled if any of you could find a moment to lift Mary Elizabeth and her family up in prayer. I love them and only want the best for them.

Love, faithfilled Plum and family


  1. I knew exactly which scene you were talking about from the moment I read the title...I even sung it in my head like he sings it. And yes, of course I will keep Mary Elizabeth in my prayers.

  2. This is Mary Elizabeth's mother, and thank you so much to all of you for your prayers for our little angel. She is having a very difficult time right now, but with all of you thinking of her and praying for her, she is going to get better soon!
    Sara Yates