Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Who's the lucky one?

One of the most frequent comments we get about Sam is how lucky/blessed he is that we adopted him.  We provide Sam with love, food and shelter. Not all biological children get that. Not all orphans leave their institutions.  So I do understand why someone would think that Sam was lucky.

But make no mistake, it is Sam who is the blessing, and we are so proud that he is ours.  

This is Sam three days after his palate repair surgery feeding John Hinton his pudding.  This child is such a special little nugget with a sweet, sweet spirit and a heart of gold.

Sam's recovery is right on track.  Apparently alternating between being happy and acting like a hormonal 13 year old girl at one week post surgery puts him right where he is suppose to be. 

Feel free to stop by with a drink and ear plugs (and enough to share).  You will need both of them...

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  1. I feel exactly the same way when people say that C is lucky! I always say that John and I are the lucky ones.