Saturday, July 7, 2012

Big day, HUGE DAY

Friday was a huge day in our adoption.  Our dossier left our adoption agency and is on its way across the world to China.  Our dossier is 80 plus pages of documents that detail our lives from birth.  It has taken me a little over 5 moths to compile, every page has been notarized by a notary, authenticated by the MS Secretary of State and certified by the Chinese consulate.  It is my labor of love.  It will be translated and the Chinese government will determine if we may adopt Sam. 

I cannot wait to meet Sam.  I wonder every day what he will be like.  Will he be a mama's boy like Plum or prefer his daddy, be an early riser or night owl, be rough and tumble or more sensitive, have a quick temper, love candy, demand coke, hug our dogs, think his mama can do anything, cheer for the garbage truck, strip down naked at every opportunity, love Curious George, be shy or love people?  Only time will tell.  I don't expect that the first few days and weeks will reveal his true nature.  My big fear is that he will not know how to love us or accept our love. 

We are hoping to travel to pick up Sam in December or January.  Until then, we will enjoy summer and fall as a family of three. 

Last week, we will welcomed home daddy and Pawpaw from their deep sea fishing trip. I cannot tell you how excited Plum gets when the coolers are unloaded. "WHOA! HOLY COW! FISH!!!!" He gets super excited.  Posing with dinner...a blue crab, a snapper, a red fish, and a flounder:

He carried this poor blue crab around all day Sunday.  He even drove it around in his jeep. "I'm gonna ride it in my jeep."

Don't worry, I'll have them bring back another blue crab next year in case Sam wants one.


  1. Sam will learn how to love and how to be loved by you. I can't wait to see this newest addition!

    And those are some big fish next to plum!

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