Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Boy Class

I started the big boy class at daycare today. Lots of changes in there. No bottles, no baby food, and you have to wear shoes and lay down from 12-2 on a cot. I did great other than that cot requirement.

A big kid took my toy and I snatched it right back, Miss Aly says I'm going to be just fine. I ate all of my food and I used my sippy cup. The teacher tried to hold me during outside play time since I'm the only one that can't walk, but I got down, crawled to the fence, and tried to climb the fence.

I like a nap around 9:00 in the morning which is a long way from 12:00. My lack of morning nap and the fact that I only slept for one hour at nap time, left for a very tired Plum.

On Wednesday night one year ago, the Cuddler had eaten her potato soup from McAlister's as her lite meal and was anxiously trying to go to sleep. It was almost time to meet me. What a difference one year can make.

Love, a big boy

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  1. Congratulations Plum! That is super exciting news. I guess being in the Big Boy Class means you are officially a Big Boy.